Blog Design Service

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How To Choose Your Own Blog Design?

We here offer exclusively to our customer to choose their own blog design. It sound cool right? Why? This is because we want our customer more flexible to define their own blog design with low cost. So, you just choose it and leave the rest to us. Please select an option below under the terms and conditions.

TOS: No additional charge. You get this for free!
TOS: Have USD55 aditional charge. Your design will be more beautiful.

Frequently Ask Question

How long to setup a blog?

We are here take 4 until 7 days to completely setup. We will always contact you untill your website finish.

What your packages has offer?
Please look at the package above.
Do you have refund policy?
Yes! But, if you cancle without reasonable answer, we will just refund half price of the package. If I cannot do what you want, I will give full refund.
What your payment method?

For international, we just recieve paypal only. Our paypal ID is Please use this ID/Email to send us payments.

What information should I give to you?
For information, I will ask you about information one by one. This is more effective how we do our work.
What your PayPal ID?

Please use to send us a payment.

How the ways to us choose own blog design.

To choose your own blog design, please look at the description above.

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